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Vaem and Soi

Pinar burkini

Pinar burkini

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Modest swimwear, with a soft quality certified Italian swimwear fabric that is lightweight and absorbs minimum of water, resulting in: dries fast!

*UPF 80+protection


Burkini Pinar haves a zipper on the front perfect for the nursing mothers. The flared trousers have double legs, if the flared leg lifts up through the water you will stil not see any bare legs becuase of the hidden leggings.

Color: Petroleum

Detail: Flared, zipper

Care: Wash at 30 degrees. Burkinis with fine details such as fringes and beads are recommended be hand washed as they are delicate products.


Burkini Pinar concist of three parts.

-Swim- tunic has loop on the inside that you can tie tot the swim-legging. This is to prevent the tunic from lifting up in the water

-Flared Swim pant - with hiden legging and elastic band


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