About us

Vaem Swim was created

Designing had ben a matter of creativity for her from her childhood years. After school she coudl always be found in her  parents studio/boutique, where she started sewing cloth behind a large industrial machine. At first it started with designing clothes for her dolls and very soon it moved on to designing clothes for herself. Over the years she got better and better at designing and also started helping her parents in their business. Meanwhile, she was able to use all the machines in the workshop independently. A very big experience for a little girl.Sunshine 2012 was the year where the struggle began to find swimwear that suited her fashionable lifestyle. Back then, you actually had pretty few choices. The burkinis looked like workout and rain suits. They looked funny, were not at all fashionable and there were no other options. Everything she was looking for in a modest bathing suit she could not find in others designs. How could she enjoy the sun, sea and beach in a fashionable way that suited her lifestyle and in which she could also feel beautiful? After a long search, she decided to create her own design that met her needs and reflected her style, beliefs and philosophy. Her enthusiasm was quickly aroused at the thought that her own design was not yet on the market, which also made it very exciting for her. So she got to work right away. Inspired by her own wishes and needs for a fashion swimsuit that fit exactly into her lifestyle and with a sense of quality fabric, she started in her  own home-studio. "Vaem Swim was create" all ready to go on vacation with her. Combined with her big flap hat and elegant black bourkini with pink fringes, she walked confidently onto the beach in 2012. All gazes turned towards her, everyone looked wide-eyed at this fashionable lady, who had made her lifestyle accessible to the beach in an elegant way. She felt free, enjoyed and was immensely proud!

Vaem & Soi

Vaem & Soi is meant to bring out the elegance in a woman, so she can confidently show herself. Our swimwear is challenged with fashion in each collection to fit into everyone’s lifestyle. Vaem & Soi took a big step in 2020 to create her own composition for her fabrics. After seven years of experience with our designs, we started weaving our own ideal fabrics. The swimwear range is made from an ultra high quality Lycra-fabric blend which is quick drying with UV protection from the sun while maintaining a lightweight feel. Vaem & Soi is tested and refined every time to ensure that it meets the needs of the woman who wants to bring her elegance to the fore. It is very important to Vaem & Soi how a woman feels in her swimwear and everything is done with every detail in mind.
Emina Ekinci, Founder,
Vaem & Soi