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Pera burkini

Pera burkini

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Modest swimwear, with a high quality certified Italian swimwear fabric that is lightweight and absorbs minimum of water, resulting in: dries ultra-fast! 

*UPF 80+protection

Burkini Pera haves a three layer skirt and a sewn wrap top. The skirt is covering the hips and lines of your underwear. chique detail on the wrist is not te be missed. finally we created a very feminine model for the most beautiful Vaem-ladies. 

Color: Cherry

Detail: Wrsit top, three layer skirt, detail on the wrist

Care: Wash at 30 degrees. Burkinis with fine details such as fringes and beads are recommended be hand washed as they are delicate products.


Burkini Pera concist of three parts.

-Swim- tunic has loop on the inside that you can tie to the swim-legging. This is to prevent the tunic from lifting up in the water

-Swim- legging with an elastic band. Loops on both sides to tie to the tunic

-Turban, you can also order the swimwear without a turban or you can choose for the swim-hijaab instead of the turban. The swim-hijaab can be order separately

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